10 Steps to give your Valentine a sexy Lap Dance

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for help on lap dancing from you naughty little kittens. And what better day to give you some tips on the art of tease than Valentine’s Day!?


Here are 10 steps to give your Valentine a  sexy lap dance:

1. Relax ~ A lap dance should be fun for both of you. Yes, FUN! I can feel the nervous energy in your messages….stop it. Your partner thinks you’re hot. It’s true, they do. They wouldn’t be with you if they didn’t. So own it. Let go of your insecurities and strut your stuff like the sexy goddess that you are.

2. Set the mood ~ Good lighting and music are a must. Pick slow sensual songs that makes you feel sexy. Even better if it’s something that your partner likes. If you need some musical inspiration check out the last playlist I posted. Warm low lighting is the most flattering so be sure to dim the lights or light some candles.

3. Dress the part ~ Wear something flattering. Something simple, something kinky…whatever makes you feel smokin’ hot. As an Agent Provocateur addict I would go for something like the Maddy, this sweet black and pink lace set.


4. Make eye contact ~ So important! The most intimate thing you can do is give your partner lots of flirty eye contact. It’s the easiest way to make a connection and a huge turn on. You can also use your eyes to guide your partner’s gaze. Want them to look at your legs? They will if you do. Want them to look at your bum? You get the idea….

5. Be the boss ~ You’re the one running the show, and don’t let them forget it. Guide them to their seat and position them the way you want them (leaning back, legs wide works nicely). Tell them that they’re not allowed to touch or kiss you. This will drive them crazy, especially as they get more and more excited! If they keep trying then tying their hands behind them with a necktie or handcuffs will do the trick.

6. Show off ~ Not all of the lap dance should take place on their lap. After you’ve put your Valentine in their place, walk away (but not too far!) and dance for them. Use your eyes and hands to showcase each part of your body. You can dance standing in front of them, up against the wall, on the ground, whatever feels good to you.

7. Slow down ~ Moving slowly can be a huge turn on. Make big slow circles with your hips. Turn away from your partner and slowly caress down the backs of your legs. Strut or crawl towards them slowly. Draaaaaaaag your foot across their lap. The more you build up anticipation, the more excited they’ll get.

8. Tease tease tease ~ Now that your Valentine is at your mercy you’re going to tease them till they can’t take it anymore. Come in close so they can feel your breath on their skin. Go in slowly like your going to kiss them, linger just next to their lips for a moment, then pull away. Grind on their lap. Whisper something naughty in their ear….just keep teasing!

9. Play with toys ~ If you’re feeling really playful then try adding another element, like a blindfold. You could also watch your partner squirm with pleasure as you lightly drag a feather tickler or ice over their skin. Has your Valentine been naughty? Then perhaps a flogger or bondage tape would be fun. Visit my friends at The Rubber Rose for chic toys (all of their products are safe, non-toxic, paraben-free – a must for the modern health conscious woman)

10. Have confidence ~ I saved the most important for last. The art of seduction is all about confidence. If you feel comfortable and sexy, you’ll have your Valentine’s pulse racing in no time.

Want to see some killer confidence? (email subscribers view here)

Good luck! Wishing you an unforgettable evening.



2 responses to “10 Steps to give your Valentine a sexy Lap Dance

  1. Thank you Traci! Missed the Sunday Funday Class and after Party with Rose. Hope all is well and nice to see you at Kathy’s party for Tea. Take care, Tonya


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